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Why Choose Us

Dr. Saniuk and the staff at Horizon Center For Progressive Dentistry are devoted to providing excellence in dental service.  Choosing a dentist is a very important decision. With Horizon, you have made the right choice.

We Care

Have you ever felt rushed and ignored when you go to a doctor's office? We understand that feeling. In today's fast paced world, it's easy to look for quick fixes instead of predictable long-term solutions. We, at Horizon Center For Progressive Dentistry will carefully evaluate your dental condition and together with you, create a perfect Master Plan that is right for you.  The Master Plan can be for complete treatment or to just stabilize your condition - the choice is yours.  We will take the time to listen to your concerns because we care about you.

We Have Experience
Dr. Saniuk attended the prestigious Pankey Institute as well as the Dawson Center For Advanced Dental Study where he has learned the skills that are required to diagnose and predictably treat complex cases. Having the skill and over 22 years of experience means that very few things can take him by surprise.

We Are Committed

Dr. Saniuk will achieve the dental health and cosmetic results you want.  He and his staff are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and comfort available.  He will be intimately involved in your case whether it is simple or complex.

We Have Integrity
Together, you and Dr. Saniuk will create the perfect plan that best fulfills your wishes and desired goals. He will respect your privacy and your decisions regarding your dental treatment options.

Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation.  We believe you'll be pleased.